Equipment Sales

As the leader in refurbishing and used cryogenic equipment, Firestone can provide the right equipment to fit your industry’s needs. Below you will find a list of the different atmospheric tanks, tubes and vaporizers that we offer our customers.

*Unless otherwise noted, all tanks are suitable for oxygen service.

Atmospheric Tanks

SizePSIManufacturerNB#ConditionYearPriceRequest Info
500 Gallon201APCI2445Needs Rehab1965Call
500 Gallon262LOX167Needs Rehab1959Call
500 Gallon250Process-Needs Rehab-Call
500 Gallon237LOX117Needs Rehab-Call
500 Gallon250Process-Needs Rehab-Call
600 Gallon250LOX368Needs Rehab1963Call
600 Gallon263Leader42794New Paint, Needs Plumbing1965Call
660 Gallon250Ryan1917New Paint, Needs Plumbing1963Call
900 Gallon250 UCAR4585New Paint, Decent Cond.1982Call
1200 Gallon250Ryan331New Paint, Needs Plumbing1960Call
1500 Gallon250UCAR7325Needs Rehab-Call
2300 Gallon177LOX962Needs Rehab1964Call
2500 Gallon86Ryan1924Needs Rehab1980Call
3000 Gallon70APCI5109Needs Rehab1976Call
3000 Gallon250UCAR4623Rehab / Refurb-Call
3200 Gallon45MVE2608Good Shape1978Call
5500 Gallon325Delta -Needs Rehab1980Call
6 Ton- - - Needs Rehab- Call
6 Ton- Tomco / JJ Fin13691Needs Rehab-Call
12 Ton---Needs Rehab- Call


Tube Type / AmountPSIManufacturerNB#Condition Year PriceRequest Info
DOT/9 Pack2400--Good-Call
DOT/2 Loose6000--Good-Call
ASME/2 Pack6500-9137--Call
ASME/3 Pack7065-43416Good-Call


Size (Scfh) PSIManufacturerConditionYearPriceRequest Info
2700 Scfh450CryoquipGood-Call
12500 Scfh3000HexGood-Call
13500 Scfh450CryoquipGood-Call
20000 Scfh275HexGood-Call
23000 Scfh275CryoquipGood-Call
25000 Scfh450CryoquipGood-Call

C02 and Liquid Pumps

Equipment Type / SizePSIManufacturerCondition Model / Part No.Flow PriceRequest Info
Pump8000Burton CorblinNeeds Rehab
Liquid Pump-CosmodyneNeeds Rehab
3405279-3167 GPMCall
CO2 Pump-BlackmerNeeds Rehab
Liquid Pump-Paul--110 GPMCall
Liquid Pump4000Cryogenic Components--1.44Call
CO2 Cylinder Fill Pump-Cardox---Call
Liquid Pump-Cryogenic Components--1.44Call