Equipment Leasing

Equipment rental and leasing is quickly becoming the preferred method of obtaining a cryogenic vessel. Firestone offers competitive leasing options for both short and long term lease options.

Cryogenic Vessels

Size and ManufacturerTypeJob #NB #MAWPRequest Info
500G Sphere Trailer3005422193400
500G Horizontal CosmodyneTrailer175091395250
500G Delta Southern SphereTrailer175562638400
500G Delta Southern SphereTrailer175522378400
660 RyanSkid17544976250
660G RyanSkid17471640250
660G RyanSkid173935178250
660G RyanSkid175481917250
660G RyanSkid1754942794250
660G CosmodyneTrailer17474410250
900G UCARSkid175474585250
3200G MVETrailer17554260845