About Firestone

Firestone Cryogenic Equipment, Inc., a leader in the cryogenic industry, was founded by Roy Plummer in 1974. Roy originally bought and sold several different types of equipment that dealt with the industrial gas industry. Mr. Plummer ran the company successfully throughout the seventies and eighties until his daughter, Julie McFarlane, took over in the early nineties.

Under Julie’s leadership, Firestone grew and diversified into several new areas, including custom fabrication. In 2010, Matthew McFarlane, Julie’s Son, stepped in to take Firestone to the next level. Matthew, an Attorney by trade, has successfully consolidated Julie’s gains and even added a new facet to the company with Firestone’s leasing program. Firestone is still family owned and operated with three generations employed at the company.

Our continued growth depends upon Firestone’s greatest asset, our people.The staff at Firestone is knowledgeable, friendly, energetic and always ready to take on new endeavors and challenges. We look forward to assisting our customers in finding solutions to their cryogenic, custom fabrication and industrial painting needs.